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About Us

Our goal is to have happy children gaining experiences they won’t get anywhere else!  They learn to organize, follow instruction, and create.  Our classes are full of laughter and usually mess (something kids love!)  Our chefs  leave our classes feeling accomplished and enjoying a delicious and (most of the time) healthy masterpiece they created. It will be a skill they will undoubtedly use for many years to come!

We make healthy fun.

About "Chef Baker" and "Chef Shaker"

Marcelle"Johannesburg, South Africa is where I started on the road to my culinary destination. Surrounded by some of the greatest ingredients in the world, I learned what it takes to put it all altogether. My  passion for the Culinary Arts brought me to the Hotel School in Johannesburg  for formal culinary training, gaining hands-on experience under some of the  best teaching chefs in the country. After several years in the hospitality industry  I relocated to New York  with my raw ideas and food knowledge . I later decided to hone my skills by returning to culinary school.   I attended the institute of Culinary Education N.Y.C. graduating with a background in culinary arts.    I am now a mom of two and using my skills each and everyday to nurture my family."
Renee: "I have been in  the food service industry since high school, beginning as a waitress and  working through college to reach top management at a large scale catering  company, serving as many as eight hundred guests at a time. After time at the catering company I found myself the proud owner of a pizza shop.  Three years ago I sold the pizza shop to raise my three children. Soon after I met with another class mom and friend and realized we had a common interest in returning to the food service industry while still being able to spend time with our children.  Bakers and Shaker was born out of our common interest.

Teaming up  together was the beginning of a great business venture. We began teaching cooking classes at our children’s school and then with the incredible response from parents and children alike we expanded to several schools in the neighborhood.  We educate our mini chefs in the art of healthy cooking with skills to last a lifetime. Included in the class is the fun of measuring, pouring, stirring and eating the wonderful food creations. It is amazing to see our first time students walk into a class timidly repeating "I can't" and then leaving feeling accomplished and happy.   Our mini chefs know "tears ruin the recipe"!  It is amazing how a child can go from disliking an ingredient to happily telling their parent how much they now love it.



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