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After School

We offer an array of classes depending on the ages of the children and the needs of the school. Classes range from one to one and half hours.

We gear our classes towards the age group we are teaching and do age appropriate activities. For younger classes we teach the children to make fun exciting edible creations they create with minimal assistance so they enjoy the art of cooking. We encourage teamwork and provide the children with skills they will use for life.

For older kids we incorporate the science of cooking and the importance of following direction by requiring exact measurements for proper results. We enhance our classes with related activities to the “project of the day”. Our classes are hands on and the children love to learn what we are teaching and the best part is they enjoy the delicacy of the day!

For the older kids we focus on the nutritional values and importance of what they are eating and we strive to teach healthy cooking so they learn healthy can taste delicious too! By the end of the first Semester students will be able to write a recipe including a list of appropriate ingredients, and entire method required to prepare the chosen recipe.

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