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Classes and Workshops

We offer Holiday classes for children ages 3 and up.

The Children will walk in to the first session and learn some exciting new skills and our classes gradually get more complicated. We will teach them new skills and we will incorporate math and science into each class. It will be undercover learning experience for your little ones.

Please see our calender for upcoming class schedule

We offer specialty classes during public school breaks. All students will be given all materials needed in class, including a recipe. Class starts with a short lesson about a food related topic and opens up to a discussion between students and chef instructor.

The students will, under strict supervision, get to mix, measure, and pour fresh ingredients until the recipe has been completed. The prepared product then goes to the kitchen to be cooked.

While the students are waiting to sample their completed recipes they will play a food related game/ complete a craft.

Students will be given the opportunity to sample what they made in class.

All classes are one hour in length and are drop off.

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