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Workshops for your classroom Kindergarten-Fifth grade programming

As educators, you know that field trips are defined as "educational experiences" during school hours to correlate with regular classroom instructional programming. Why not bring the trip in house? -have Bakers and Shakers show your students an amazing educational experience with all kinds of subject matter related to cooking! We adapt to the common core curriculum so please tell us what you would like the leson related toand we will make it happen.

We have incorporated our skills into different curriculum ideas to assist lesson planning in various subjects.  Below is a list of class ideas to choose from.  Depending on the grade level we customize the program to their age and abilities. 

"Culinary Chemistry"
A science themed class to engage students with hand on experiments using different ingredients to create a finished product that they can eat. We demonstrate what yeast can do and how different ingredients combined change the result of a recipe. 

"Measuring with Math"
Most student don't realize how often they use math in daily life but in this class we will teach them the value of understanding exact measurements. We will place different ingredients in front of them and allow them to measure and add to reach a perfect recipe that they will get to make. It’s a lesson in dry and liquid measurements they will need in the kitchen.

"Nutrition in America"
Michelle's Obamas focuses on nutrition. It’s important for young people to develop the skill to understand nutritional labels and be aware of what their bodies are taking in. It’s a valuable lesson in today's age with the rise of obesity in this country. We will give the youngsters power with knowledge. We will teach them to make healthy choices and feed them a healthy homemade snack!

"Holiday fun"
Students deserve a treat (like the rest of us) so why not let them make their own?. We create holiday themed classes to inspire creativity. Or just a special breakfast for them to feel appreciated. It's a class your student will talk about for years!

"A B C’s”
Chefs will make a dough from scratch and shape their initials.  We will read a food related story. Some chefs will enjoy getting messy even more then eating their letters!

We create a specialty class about a country your students are learning about. The students will learn some exciting facts about the country, the culture, and make a recipe that originates from that country. 

"Your choice"
Let us know if you have specific subject matter you wish us to cover that focuses on a specific lesson and we will be happy to share some ideas and come up with an exciting plan.

Bakers and Shakers will bring everything from ingredients to ovens all you need to do is supply the students.  We make payment easy for teachers by getting paid directly by the students and we are a Department of Education vendor.  We adhere to a nut free menu and we are strictly Kosher.  We work with special needs students as well.

Classes are one hour and we prefer no more than 25 students per class. 

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