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Camp Programs

Put your mini chefs to work making delicious edibles from scratch!

Bakers and Shakers is a Forest Hills based company that brings cooking to kids. We travel to schools and camps equipped with everything we need to make recipes from scratch. We give our chefs the tools and confidence they need to be independent in the kitchen. Bakers and Shakers has designed an educational summer program to include nutritional information, fun activities, and theme based classes.



We bring our enrichment program to you hassle free. We come to your campus with the knowledge, fresh ingredients (all Kosher), and necessary equipment for preparing a recipe from scratch. Our students enjoy mixing; measuring, chopping, while creating the dish of the day.

We teach our chefs about nutrition awareness and healthy eating habits that last a lifetime. They learn cooking techniques, team building skills, and kitchen safety while following specific instructions never forgetting our emphasis on fun!

Bakers and Shakers take inexperienced kids in the kitchen and make them feel empowered, confident, and willing to explore foods they would not have before our program.

Parents will see cooking with their kids is fun quality time and it’s the perfect opportunity to have them help out and show you what they learned. Kids feel proud when they have prepared their meals and it’s even more delicious because they made it! It’s an amazing feeling for them when they get home with something they have prepared for their parents.



1. Students begin a Bakers and Shakers cooking class by washing their hands.
2. Each student will be given an apron to wear during class
3. When students return to their seats, an overview of the day’s class will be reviewed. The students will be given an opportunity to ask any questions or to add to the discussion before cooking commences.
4. Each student will be given a cutting board and the equipment required for the recipe ( if cutting is required, each student will receive a safety knife)
The recipe will be broken down step-by-step. Each student will get to work through the recipe at a slow pace so that they are all given an opportunity to mix/ whisk/ break eggs/ stir or do whatever is required stage by stage in the recipe.
5. All ingredients start out being pre-portioned but as the student spends more time in the class the recipe will not be pre-measured and the students will be taught how to measure correctly for a recipe.
6. When the recipe is at the point of going into the oven or being plated (if the recipe does not require cooking), all tools will be removed from the students.
7. The students are shown how to pour batters or drop cookie dough before baking off recipes.
8. As the dish cooks the chef does a food science experiment with the students.
9. Students are once again given the opportunity to ask any questions.
10. The recipe of the day is plated and each student gets to taste the recipe.
11. Each student leaves with the recipe.



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