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“What you ladies do is great! And its a great way for me and Sofia to have some mommy and me time. Thanks for the lessons. See you on Sunday!”

Barb- mom to Sofia.

“My son turned two in October and I was worried he would be too young to enjoy a cooking / baking class. Bakers and Shakers does a great job gearing their curriculum to the level of the students in the class. He is able to participate in everything they do and LOVES it. We are having a lot of fun at Bakers and Shaker...s!! (In fact - he loves it a little too much, he sometimes refuses to share the final product with his mommy.)”


“Dear Bakers and Shakers
My son had a great time learning to make waffle cones and then eating ice cream.
He has enjoyed all the classes he has taken so far and amazingly has tried new foods.
Keep up the good work.”


“I didn't think my 4 1/2 year old son would sit for an entire cooking class. Well, not only did he sit, but he loved it and actually told me about it in detail. He even asked to go back the next week. (Which he did.) The class is much more then cooking, it's learning, playing, creating and best of all.... eating! I would highly recommend this for any child.”
Wendy Lehman (Nicky's mommy)

The Bakers and Shakers Song - Lana and Mellissa
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